Keeping compliance issues
under control has never been
so easy and convenient.

To many companies, the passage of the Coast Guard Act of 2004 meant one thing: countless hours and expense devoted to the development and maintenance of a Safety Management System (SMS). Even companies with an existing SMS, who will receive preferential treatment in the upcoming USCG towing vessel inspections, must expend valuable time and resources to SMS maintenance. It doesn't have to be that way. Developed by Dana Teicheira, a longtime certified auditor withthe American Waterways Operators Responsible Carrier Program and experienced Tug Captain and Marine Surveyor, Tugboat Compliance Systems (TCS) puts convenient, simple, and effective SMS within any company's reach.

Sophisticated and streamlined, TCS is so easy to use that you'll wonder how your company functioned without it. Entry form data, such as vessel and employee names, are incorporated into the system's menus, saving valuable time during data entry. Safety meeting records and other pertinent reports can be completed quickly and easily and stored in the TCS data system, always available at a moment's need.

Whether you're starting an SMS from scratch, or have a system and want a change, TCS startup is simple and quick. With our online interview system, small companies can be up and running in around an hour, while larger companies can provide employee and vessel data via a spreadsheet that will automatically upload into the TCS database. Companies with existing SMS systems can complete the interview, then upload their existing manuals into the TCS Knowledgebase for easy access.


Complementary desktop software ensures that the TCS system will be available even during those times when your vessel loses internet access. Available for download once your company's online portal account is established, the TCS desktop software enables offline access to all of the conveniently stored data and customized menus that are accessible online. Once your vessel reestablishes an internet connection, all information added offline will upload to the online system, ensuring all data will remain consistent, up-to-date, and complete.

Is your existing documentation scattered and disorganized? TCS can help. Upload any pdf document into the TCS Knowledgebase, and it will be available to all company vessels and employees, facilitating the quick circulation of important documents such as Materials Safety Data Sheets, Local Notice to Mariners, machinery manuals, and navigation publications. And our innovative combination of secure web-based and desktop software ensures that even when your vessel is offline, all of your documentation will be just a keystroke away.


Audits have never been so convenient. TCS allows online, read-only access to auditors of company information, allowing the auditor to gather necessary SMS information from his or her office at a significant savings of both time and cost

Where SMS administration used to take hours, our streamlined administration system takes a fraction of the time while still maintaining the highest level of quality. This means fewer company resources spent on SMS maintenance and management, saving your company time and money.

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